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Access Quranic learning online with proficient guides. Discover the beauty and wisdom of the Quran with our online courses! Our program is designed for Muslim brothers and sisters who want to learn how to read the Quran with the mesmerizing melody of Tajweed. With our expert instructors, you’ll be guided through each lesson step-by-step, mastering the art of proper pronunciation and intonation. Join us today and embark on a journey of spiritual growth and enlightenment!

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We, provide best Quran Education with the certified and experience Quran Tutors. Our Quran tutors give a one-on-one class for individual student for better learning environment. Student can access the knowledge of Quran from Islamic scholors. Al-Hassan Online Quran Tutor is a well-organised institute, playing the outstanding role in Online Quran learning around the world. The major goal of this institute is to provide proper command on Quran recitation along with use of Tajweed rules. Now students can learn Quran at home with the help of expert Quran tutors. 
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Our Goal: To teach students Allah’s commandments, so they embody the true essence of Islam.

Adeel Anjum — Co-Founder


Recite the Quran with excellence and confidence. Join Al-Hassan Online Quran Tutor now!

Basic Arabic Qaida

Learn the Arabic Alphabets, familiar with joining letters and Arabic diacritics.

Recitation of Quran

Reading Quran verses with the rules of Tajweed, with proper pronunciation and accent.

Memorization of Quran

Memorize the Quran verses with help of Quran Tutors expert with all rules of grammar.

Basic Islamic Education

Know daily social and work activites according to Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

Dua Islamic Supplication

Know how to gain help and make supplication to Allah. Memorize the daily Islamic Supplication

Islamic Pillars

Learn about Islamic Pillars and their benefits, how to perform.

Our Co-curricular Courses


Our focus is on imparting knowledge about social etiquette, conversation skills and cultivating a positive attitude towards humanity.

Islamic Values

Islamic scholars assist students in gaining knowledge about Islamic values, rights and various other issues.

History of Islam

We also cater to students' demands for learning about the history of Islam, including the arrival of the Quran and its goals.

Al-Hassaan Quran tutors provide my kids the Quran Recitation course. Their Quran tutor was very kind during classes
Abdul Qayyum

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