Our Courses Overview

A Commitment to Excellence

The Al-Hassaan Online Quran tutor aims at offering all our students a quality Quran education and build their confidence. All the course is easy to learn with experienced teachers.

Course outline specially design to gain goals with step by step. New learner can easily pick tutors instruction and content of the course.

Basic Arabic Qaida

Learn the Arabic Alphabets, familiar with joining letters and Arabic diacritics.

Recitation of Quran

Reading Quran verses with the rules of Tajweed, with proper pronunciation and accent.

Memorization of Quran

Memorize the Quran verses with help of Quran Tutors expert with all rules of grammar.

Basic Islamic Education

Know daily social and work activites according to Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)

Dua Islamic Supplication

Know how to gain help and make supplication to Allah. Memorize the daily Islamic Supplication

Islamic Pillars

Learn about Islamic Pillars and their benefits, how to perform.